Kung sino pa yung mga nakaka-TA ko. Sila pa yung nag dedeact. ;/

A comfortable Relationship

I think we are all just looking for that one person that we can be ourselves around, that one person who will love you and accept who you are, your silly awkward side and your serious side too. We are all just looking for that “Comfortable Relationship”, you know? You dont care what you are doing because as long as that one special person is next to yo then you are happy, whether it’s going out or just having a lazy day at home watchig movies and eating food, you cherish all these moments with them because that special person is the one you enjoy seeing and being around everyday, that person is someone you can turn to with all your problems and they will be there for you though it all. Every conversation, hug, kiss, or whatever you always look forward to because in your heart you truly love them and you woudn’t have it any other way, you know? It’s that relationship that through whatever happens you are going to stick by there side and support them. It’s simply that “comfortable relationship” where you can be yourself and not be afraid of them judging you, after all “Love” is “Acceptance” of one another regardless of “flaws” or anything else

Nung bago pa lang ako sa TUMBLR

  • Ignorante ako
  • Nakaka OP
  • Natutuwa ako sa mga gif. Sabe ko, walang ganto sa Facebook
  • Di ko alam kung pano gagawin ko sa mga themes
  • Di ako marunong mag customize themes
  • Di ko alam ung banner at BGM
  • Di ko alam kung saan ako magpo-post
  • Di ko alam pano mag tag
  • Di ko alam yung meaning ng TA
  • Di ko alam yung Queue
  • Di ko alam pano mag REBLOG
  • Nagulat ako sa mga Rated SPG na GIF
  • Naboboring ako kase wala akong followers
  • Boring kase wala akong makausap. Sila lang magkakakilala
  • Pero nung tumagal na? Ayy ! Ang saya. Dito ako natuwa. Hindi kase boring. At mas updated yung tumblr kesa sa facebook.
  • Maraming magagaling na manunulat na kung saan nakaka-inspire talaga

“Hindi lahat ng effort totoo …”


When a guy fix your hair. 

        Alam mo yung feeling na kahit di man nila masyadong naayos yung pagtali sa buhok mo. Iba pa din yung feeling na may mag aayos ng buhok mo lalo na kung lalake pa …


Dear teenagers,

         What the fuck are you doing? How old are you.. 15, maybe 16? Did you ever once think about how you’re wasting your life away? Stop thinking about the guy that broke your heart, he’s not worth it. Stop thinking about whether you look cool smoking weed or not. Nobody cares. Stop sulking around and being depressed. You just need to be happy. You’re only young once and this is the time wehre you need to gave fun and forget about evrything that doesn’t make you happy… Fuck everyone who doesn’t make you happy! Go out and have fun, this could be your last day..

You dont know me but you hate me. How cute..

Im wearing white. HAHA! Picture picture before magsimula yung shift namin sa work. From 9pm-6am.;)) Hell yea

One facts about tumblr

Walang nakakapansin ng blog mo. Minsan pag kailangan mo ng makakausap, walang pumapansin sayo. Oo, its your blog. Wala silang pakielam kung ano yung laman o meron dyan. Depende nalang siguro kung kilala ka niya or close ka niya. Di ba?

Guys kausapin niyo ko. Please!? I wont ignore. Promise. *Crossfinger*

Goodmorning guys. Until now gsng pa din ako. Ewan ko ba. Nasanay yung katawan ko sa night shift. Haist

Nakakaasar din talaga minsan pag phone yung gamit mu sa pagba-blog nu? Double post tas ang hrap mag delete. Grr. Asar. Unli ata ung network?

Sometimes, your blog reflects your attitude.

5 rules of a relationship:

1. Stay faithful.
2. Make them feel wanted.
3. Respect your partner.
5. Make time.