Your significant other is one of those few people who can make you laugh in no time. It was amazing feeling, isn’t it? Because when you’re with them, every single things that they do seems perfect in your eyes. Whether their a little clumsy, tactless, naughty, or whatever it is that they do, it always end up putting a smile in your face. And then once they see that you’re smiling already, still, they will continue those idiotic acts and then that smile of yours will turn into laugh and then the result is, both of you will laugh so hard and you’ll just stop because your stomach hurts already. The whole day that you’re together is just pure of silly things and ideas yet it was the best moments ever. Everything seems so simple but it’s the simplest of things that counts. Being with your significant other may not always be happy and jovial, but for sure, the happy moments always outnumbered the lonely ones. The laugh that you do when you’re with them were the purest kind of laugh that you’ll do in your entire laugh because it was real since your heart is laughing too during those times. 


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    ENDLESS LAUGH WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND. Your significant other is one of those few people who can make you laugh...
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    Shet, nakakamiss tuloy ung cuddling moments with my lovelove jakey jakey ♥♥♥
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